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Mortgage rate negotiation solved.

A unique, truly unbiased mortgage rate shopping service saving homeowners $1000+ per year on average.

Brent Ricardson, Principal Mortgage Broker, CFP, President, Altrua Financial Inc.

Over 16 years of mortgage experience with 1,800+ mortgages personally closed.

In less than 30 minutes you could save thousands. Here's how...


  • Empowerment: We can offer a complementary, no obligation mortgage pre approval letter that contains a lower mortgage rate than over 99% of bank branches, brokers and mortgage rate websites.

  • Objectivity: We base our lender paid commission on a flat fee model that normalizes our revenue to $750 per transaction, so we are not biased by lender selection, rate type or strategy.

  • Options: We can complete the mortgage transaction in house at Altrua Financial, with the highest standards of mortgage expertise, guidance and advice. OR the complementary pre approval letter can be used as a negotiation tool at any bank branch or another broker - no questions asked.

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3 Easy Steps

  1. Optional introductory call for any questions and advice (10 - 20 minutes)

  2. Complete digital application (10 - 15 minutes)

  3. Get your pre approval letter in an email and proceed with confidence 


In less than 30 minutes, get thoroughly pre approved and empowered to easily save thousands on what may be your largest expense.

Designed to Delight

Like working with a trusted financial planner, lawyer or accountant, you come to expect a high level of service from your mortgage professional. Over the years we've engineered the mortgage process from application to final payout, to be the optimal Canadian mortgage service. 

Closely Knit Team

Rigorously trained, friendly, fully licensed support team offering expert level mortgage advice, strategy and best fit mortgage options.

A Long Term Approach

Ensure consistent, long term interest rate savings on each renewal/maturity date, or if there are opportunities to save before renewal.

Financial Plan Ready

Optimize the overall financial plan for better long term results by reducing mortgage expense, allocating more towards principal repayments, or towards investment.

Our Clients Are Some of the Happiest

My partner and I were extremely pleased with everyone we worked with at Altrua Financial. Brent and Marta are extremely knowledgeable and exceeded our expectations in all areas especially customer service. We would highly recommend Altrua to all of our friends, family, and strangers (especially first time home buyers)!

Kyle R.

*Select client reviews posted on Google

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